The Village That Slept by Monique Peyrouton de Ladebat (Bodley Head, reprint 1974) illustrated by Margery Gill

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The Village That Slept

by Monique Peyrouton de Ladebat, translated from the French by Thelma Niklaus
illustrated by Margery Gill

The Bodley Head Ltd, 4th impression 1974

Originally published 1961 as “Le Village aux Yeux Fermés” in France, the English translation from Bodley Head appearing in 1963.

Hardback in dustwrapper. 171pp including b/w illustrations. 8 x 5.25 inches approx. (203mm x 135mm).

Dustwrapper a touch worn and rubbed to extremities; slight toning to spine; some light dustiness and marking but generally very clean and bright. Pages clean.

Overall, a particularly nice, clean copy. Uncommon.


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