The Journal of Beatrix Potter 1881-1897 (Warne, revised 1989) New Edition

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The Journal of Beatrix Potter 1881-1897 | Warne, revised 1989 | New Edition


The Journal of Beatrix Potter 1881-1897

transcribed by Leslie Linder, new foreword by Judy Taylor
Frederick Warne, new edition 1989

A substantial work, well illustrated. Originally published in 1966 and with several later printings, this new edition being completely revised and with new material. A copy of the earlier edition can be seen here.

Hardback in dustwrapper. pp xxviii, 468, including b/w line drawings plus b/w and colour plates. 9.5 x 6.5 inches approx. (240mm x 165mm).

A nice, clean copy.


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