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~ Privacy Policy ~

Any information D. B. Derbyshire Bookseller collects via this website or through personal
and other contact is treated as private and confidential and will not be shared except –

• in order to complete a purchase transaction (for payment and delivery purposes)
• legal requirements such as for, but not limited to, tax and record keeping, fraud prevention, and law enforcement.

Information collected by D. B. Derbyshire Bookseller is used to facilitate communications regarding
matters such as book wants and queries and/or receiving an opt-in newsletter or book catalogue.

D. B. Derbyshire Bookseller uses PayPal and iZettle to process credit and
debit card payments, these companies being subject to their own privacy policies.

~ Cookies ~

Cookies are used by the website server for functionality and traffic analysis.
Technical data collected includes IP address, referring website (eg. search engine), Internet Service
Provider (ISP), operating system, web browser (eg. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer), and pages visited.

Most web browsers accept cookies by default but can usually be individually configured for increased privacy.

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