Fungi by Brian Spooner and Peter Roberts (Collins, 2005) Collins New Naturalist

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Fungi | Brian Spooner and Peter Roberts | Collins, 2005 | Collins New Naturalist


Brian Spooner and Peter Roberts
Collins (HarperCollins), 1st edition† 2005 *NN96B Reprint (Shorter Binding Variant).

A volume in the ‘New Naturalist’ series.

Hardback in dustwrapper. 594pp including b/w and colour illustrations. 8.5 x 6. inches approx. (217mm x 150mm).

A lovely, clean copy in near new condition.


* Ref. Collecting the New Naturalists by Tim Bernhard & Timothy Loe (ISBN 978-0-00-7367153).
† Although stated first edition, NN96B is thought to be a reprint.

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